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Street Fighter 6 is bringing back the all American Guile

Street Fighter 6 dazzles with a new gameplay trailer, and a reveal of its next character.

Clearly, no one can get enough of Street Fighter 6. Since its reveal just days ago, everyone has been dissecting the footage Capcom released, going over the new open world, and breaking down the one-button mechanics and the return of the parry system.

Not wanting to miss out on all this fun, Geoff Keighley decided to do us a solid and bring us more Street Fighter 6 gameplay, which just aired on the Summer Game Fest livestream, and with it the reveal that Guile is back, big hair and all.

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The trailer was a pretty standard gameplay showcase, pitting Guile against series mainstay Ryu. It's looking like Guile has some pretty heavy hits, though it looks like he can hold his own at range too. And of course, he comes with a comb to look after that impressive hair.

"Tough as ever, Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 brings back some of his classic arsenal and introduces new attacks that continue his legacy of intensity and power," reads a press release. Moves include the classic backflip kick Somersault Kick, his main projectile Sonic Boom, and Crossfire Somersault, "A brand new Super Art that fires a massive aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick."

Street Fighter 6 recently suffered a major leak, which seems to be expected for Capcom games. The leak featured designs of 22 characters from the game's roster. Capcom acknowledged the leak, but didn't say whether the information is accurate.

We expect to see even more of Street Fighter 6 on Monday, during Capcom's own showcase, which will also show off more from the publisher.

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