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Starfield takes both sides in the never-ending toilet roll debate

And yes, there is a correct way round.

Starfield really is the ultimate RPG, because you can flip which way round your toilet paper is (though not always).

One of the best parts of Bethesda's games is that there are tons of pointless little things you can do that really don't matter gameplay-wise, but help make the world feel a bit more real. Whether it's just sitting on a chair, or being able to pick things up and move them around, it just makes it all feel a bit more believable. Starfield continues that tradition, in one very important way: you can choose which way round your toilet paper hangs.

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I know, I know, there are probably more important things you could be doing in Starfield's universe, but arguably making sure all the toilet rolls across the galaxy is the right way round? And by that I mean over, obviously, if you put it under then you should probably rethink your priorities in life.

Left: the incorrect way to position your toilet paper. Right: the correct way to position your toilet paper.

Weirdly, it doesn't seem like you can flip every single toilet roll you come across though. The screenshots you can see above were taken on Vectera, a moon on Anselon, where it was possible to flip the toilet roll around. Our own James travelled around a bit to find a toilet roll you can flip, and it seems at the very least you can't do it at the Dream Home, your parents house, and another bathroom in New Atlantis. It's unclear if this is just an odd little bug or if it's just not possible in certain locations. Why you can't do it in your own Dream Home, is very unclear, but hey, I'm not Bethesda, I don't make the decisions about where you can and can't flip toilet rolls.

Of course, if you want to try flipping your toilet roll in your own Dream Home, you're more than welcome to do so - and if you need any help finding where it is, we've got a nifty little guide which helps you with just that.

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