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Starfield topped 230,000 concurrent players on Steam, and it’s not officially out yet

Starfield is very hot on Steam right now, and it's not technically been released yet.

Starfield doesn't officially release until September 6. But, if you paid for the expensive, Premium Edition of the game, you would be able to play right now. Despite the game being a day one Game Pass release, thousands of players couldn't wait and decided to jump in early.

Over on Steam, Starfield peaked at 234,502 concurrent players at launch, according to SteamDB tracking. Considering the price of ther Premium Edition, and the fact the game would be on Game Pass in a few short days, the figure is impressive.

It's actually a little unusual for SteamDB to track these sort of early access releases, because the game technically needs to be officially released for it to show up on the tracker. This is why, for example, you don't see any reviews on Starfield's Steam page, nor will you find it on Steam's most played games list.

The reason why things are different this time, however, is quite simple: someone gifted the SteamDB bot the Premium Edition, which can be played right now - allowing it to get player count data.

That said, this was always going to be a popular release. Bethesda games tend to do very well on PC, and Starfield has been topping Steam's top sellers list for a while.

The figure will likely rise through the weekend, but it's going to be very interesting to see the overall peak concurrent once the game is out properly. Bethesda's biggest-ever launch remains Fallout 4, which peaked at 472,962 concurrent players.

Even this early, modders have released a couple of crucial tweaks in the form of the FOV slider and replacing FSR with DLSS.

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