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A quarter of Starfield players couldn’t even be bothered to finish the first mission

Starfield, a game mainly about space travel/exploration, couldn't convince a chunk of its players to leave the surface of the tutorial planet.

Starfield has been out for long enough now that anyone interested in playing it likely already has. But just how many of the game's millions of players stopped playing before finishing the first mission?

Well, according to achievement stats from TrueAchievements, around 25%! The For All, Into the Starfield achievement is awarded the first time you go to space, which happens maybe 30 minutes into the game. After a brief tutorial and some combat, you meet one of the game's major NPCs, and he gives you his ship.

As soon as you leave the surface of the planet and take to space, the achievement should unlock. According to the numbers, however, 75% of players did that, which seems a little low considering how early into the game that happens, and how practically unavoidable the achievement is.

The numbers take into account players on Xbox, as well as those playing the Game Pass/Windows Store version of the game on PC. Over on Steam, the numbers are much better, at 88%, which is good, but still not close enough to 100%.

As bizarre as it sounds, those percentages make some sense on Xbox. Starfield is available on Game Pass, so many players may have simply wanted to check it out as part of their membership, without being particularly interested in it. That happens with a lot of Game Pass games, and players typically move on quickly when they're not hooked by the game.

It's also worth noting that using mods with Starfield disables achievement unlocking (though there's a mod to fix that), so a percentage of those players may simply have missed out on it due to using mods.

The Steam numbers are a little surprising, however, considering every one of those players had to pay the full price to play the game, so they'd be much more willing to spend the time to play/unlock the achievement.

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