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How to change your appearance in Starfield

Starfield lets you be anyone, so why not make that a stylish person?

Standing in front of the Enhance clinic on Paradiso, where you can change your appearance in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

The far-flung frontiers of deep space might not call for the latest fashions, but it’s still possible to change your appearance in Starfield.

The character creation tools in Starfield are the most in-depth that Bethesda has ever created, allowing better control over your look as well as the ability to choose your traits and background. But with the potential for more granular customization also comes more opportunity to accidentally create something strange.

Or maybe you didn’t go strange enough. Changing your appearance also offers the chance to try out being someone completely different, so perhaps the niche you’ve carved out for yourself in the galaxy has outgrown your original look.

How to change your appearance in Starfield

To alter your character’s appearance in Starfield, you need to find an “Enhance!” clinic somewhere in the settled systems.

You can find one in the commercial district of New Atlantis, but also other built up areas like the resort planet of Paradiso in the Porrima system.

The Enhance clinic in New Atlantis is next to Galbank where you pay off the mortgage on your Dream Home, close to the embassies for the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun.

Approach the technician behind the desk and hand over a small fee, usually 1000 credits, to reopen the character creation menu and redesign your look.

The in-universe explanation is that Enhance clinics work like a futuristic cross between a hospital and tanning salon. The Enhance in Paradiso even runs a vacation special so you can look your best on the beach.

It’s an interesting intersection between the utopian and dystopian futurism of Starfield, where advanced technologies enable amazing procedures to become the norm, but within the context of a hyper-corporate society where people are pushed to view their bodies as commodities.

Or maybe it’s not that deep and Bethesda just needed a thematically consistent way to let players easily change their appearance if they messed up during character creation or just get bored of their hairstyle - we will truly never know.

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