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The latest exotic alien unearthed by Starfield players will literally take your breath away

Pro tip: Don’t go hunting for this cool creature while you’re overencumbered.

Some alien creatures in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

While there are plenty of aspects of Starfield that arguably don’t quite live up to the hype, the game still has lots of interesting stuff tucked away for intrepid explorers to find. The latest discovery players have made is a bizarre creature that can deprive foes of oxygen as a defence mechanism.

Yup, you’ve probably seen plenty of alien lifeforms that look like dinosaurs and probably had to shoot your way out of some pretty hairy Terrormorph encounters, but that’s not all the cosmos have to offer. Prompted by some dialogue from NPC Major Hadrian Sanon, one intergalactic explorer has seemingly found the galaxy’s most breathtaking cockroaches.

The player in question, user DiamondZoyd, has posted a clip of their find on the Starfield subreddit, explaining: “Hadrian refers to an (alien) creature on a distant world that ‘sucks the oxygen from around its prey to suffocate it’, it's real and I found it.”

As it turns out, the creature being hinted at by Sanon, a United Colonies researcher you’ll interact with if you pursue the UC Vanguard questline, is a "Pack Cockroach" found on Moloch two. If you get into a close quarters-battle with some of these funky green blokes, DiamondZoyd reports that you’ll find your oxygen gauge go down at abnormal levels when they hit you with a certain attack.

“My O2 only drained when they did that unique attack and when multiple (of them) did it at a time it multiplied the effect,” they assert, adding that they “triple checked” this wasn’t being caused or contributed to by a different status effect.

The thread also contains an interesting discussion as to whether this gameplay mechanic could potentially be plausible from a scientific perspective in real life, which somehow kind of developed into a debate about the airborne transmission of farts, because internet.

Since sharing their first post, DiamondZoyd thinks they might have also located another of the rare creatures Sanon alludes to, with this one being “a massive, xylophagic creature with impenetrable armour” found in the Archimedes system.

So, make sure to look out for both lifeforms next time your interstellar adventures take you near to their home planets.

In other Starfield news, we recently found out that one of the voices for its protagonist’s was originally set to to be provided by the guy who provided Adam Jensen’s dulcet tones, with him having been given another role once Bethesda decided to go the silent route.

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