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Three classic Star Trek games have arrived on GOG with more coming

Star Trek games have docked on thanks to a deal with Interplay Entertainment and CBS.

The DRM-free game are digital premieres and will run you a mere $5.99 each.

Here's what you can pick up from today:

  • Star Trek: 25th Anniversary: A point-and-click adventure complete with voice acting, sound effects, and music from the classic TV show.
  • Star Trek: Judgment Rites: An improved point-and-click sequel to the 25th Anniversary game.
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Learn the basics of piloting a starship to become a Captain.

Additional Star Trek games will be added to the service in the near future, including more digital premieres.

Hit up GOG to have a look at each game.

1.25th anniversary

2.25th anniversary

3.25th anniversary

1.judgment rites

1.starfleet academy

2.judgment rites

2.starfleet academy

3.judgment rites

3.starfleet academy




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