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Star Trek: Resurgence goes where no one has gone before in May

Interact with the Star Trek universe like never before.

A release date for Star Trek: Resurgence has been provided by developer Dramatic Labs.

You can pick the game up on May 23 for PC through the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Star Trek: Resurgence reveal trailer from 2021.

Star Trek: Resurgence is set shortly after Star Trek: The Next Generation's timeline, where a worker uprising threatens the tenuous peace between two alien civilizations.

Forced to intervene, Starfleet will send its finest as a buffer between the two, and the story will unfold through two perspectives.

You will experience the conflict and larger mystery from the perspective of USS Resolute's first officer Jara Rydek, part of the diplomatic envoy led by Ambassador Spock. Tasked with finding a resolution, you will also try to uncover the ultimate source behind this tense situation.

You will also experience the game from engineering crewperson Carter Diaz's point of view. This part highlights how the mission plays out from the lower decks. Diaz is apparently caught up in the events in his own unique way.

Throughout the story, you can interact with the Star Trek universe through moments of action and critical decisions that will shape the broader narrative in subtle and unexpected ways.

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