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Star Citizen unlocks all flyable ships for backers, for a limited time

To celebrate Citizen Con, all Star Citizen backers get to try out flyable ships for a few days.


Citizen Con 2016, Star Citizen's fan convention, just wrapped up over the weekend. It's there we heard about the delay of Squadron 42 - the game's single-player module.

And it's also where developer Cloud Imperium showed off this giant, impressive sand worm, and demoed another part of the game's expansive tech.

As a way of celebrating the game's community, the studio announced that all backers can try any of the game's flyable ships, for free, whether or not they own it. This is only for a limited time, however, and the deadline is Monday, October 17.

This won't mean much to those yet to enter the world of Star Citizen, but if you don't have many ships in your inventory, it could be a way to convince you to buy more.

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