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How Star Citizen plans to evolve survival mechanics

Cloud Imperium has released a new Star Citizen video which acquaints you with the Actor Status System.

This Actor Status System video update for Star Citizen showcases some of the survival elements of the game and how you will need to prepare for what awaits.

You will need to do more than just eat a ration when hungry or put on a jacket in cold weather. Instead, the team is going for a more realistic response to weather and other planetary conditions.

How it works, is every room or planet will have a temperature. Planets will have humidity and windchill the player will need to take into account when venturing forth. This will also affect body temperature which could result in hypothermia or even hyperthermia depending upon planetary weather.

So expect to get cold and shiver, or start to sweat when hot and possibly experience blurry vision. These conditions can also result in death if you get too cold or too hot.

Debuffs and buffs from food will also come into play. If you get too hot, you can drink some water, or even eat to regain some stamina. Some medicines will also provide a small amount of health regeneration.

It will be up to you when it comes to protection against the elements, so think about taking some food or putting on a cold suit before exploring a planet.

The video delves into more of the Actor Status System, so if you play the game or are interested in it, you should give it a watch.

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