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FFXIV PS3 coming Q3 2012, v2.00 confirmed for PC

Square Enix has announced a complete overhaul of Final Fantasy XIV with the introduction of v2.00, as well as penning in a Q3 2012 release window for the PS3 version of the MMO.

As part of V2, the MMO will begin its paid subscription plans, with the game to bill players from the end of November-early December this year. The game has un-billed players since release last September due to a catastrophic launch period which was touched upon recently by the company, basically making it F2P for the past year.

"Between now and release of the new FINAL FANTASY XIV, we will do as much as possible by way of fine-tuning the game and adding new content. Our focus will be on the theme of a story that can only be experienced in the here and now, and the dramatic changes to Eorzea will be incorporated into that storyline," said producer and director Naoki Yoshida in an open letter.

"Each update will deliver an unprecedented and unrepeatable game experience. For those of you continuing to play, I promise that the release of these updates and the eventual transition to the new FINAL FANTASY XIV will both come smoothly and seamlessly. "

Before subs begin for the game, accounts who have automatic renewals set have had the option suspended until they wish to turn it back on again.

Square Enix has also announced it's planning to release the PlayStation 3 version of FFXIV - first announced at E3 2009 - between October-December 2012. Within that period, a second free period will be offered, along with a mandatory switch to a new client for PC users.

"In the ten months since the FINAL FANTASY XIV team’s restructuring, we have put forth the utmost effort into not only improving the game’s existing features, but also creating a concrete plan to outline the game’s new direction," said Square CEO Yoichi Wada.

"Today, I am pleased to announce we can confidently present that plan to our customers. We fully realize this is but a single step towards our ultimate goal, and that to meet the high standards set in the plan, more time is required. In the meantime, however, we will not waver in our commitment to bringing players exciting and engaging content, even as the game moves through its evolution."

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