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How to upgrade the bathhouse in Spirittea

As you meet more spirits, your bathhouse is going to need more baths!

The player stands inside a fully-upgraded bathhouse full of spirits in Spirittea
Image credit: Cheesemaster Games

Spirittea whisks you away into a rural town where realms - both human and spiritual - crossover in a very cosy and relaxing fashion. This town, littered with troublesome, lost spirits that have been long forgotten by townsfolk needs you to restore its bathhouse and give the spirits a place to rest.

To do that very task, you’ll need to spend time and Moolags upgrading the bathhouse. More upgrades means more spirits can be your customers, and you can even cook up their favourite meals while you’re at it. So, in this guide, we explain how to upgrade the bathhouse in Spirittea.

How to upgrade the bathhouse in Spirittea

During the beginning of Spirittea, you’ll be tasked with meeting all 27 of the townsfolk. One character you’ll run into is Fae, who runs the Carpenter’s Workshop, and is capable of upgrading your bathhouse for you.

After a few in-game days of discovering your spirituality and getting to grips with running a bathhouse for spirits, Wonyan will instruct you to take a look at the job board beside the Carpenter’s Workshop.

The player stands in front of the upgrade bench outside of Fae's workshop in Spirittea
Interact with this bench to choose and pay for an upgrade. | Image credit: Cheesemaster Games/VG247

Here, you’ll be able to put in a request for an upgrade in exchange for your hard-earned Moolags; it’ll also tell you on what day the upgrade will be completed.

A blueprint is shown at the upgrade bench outside Fae's workshop in Spirittea, it details all of the upgrades the player can purchase for the bathhouse
The upgrade will show the cost and which day it'll be completed. | Image credit: Cheesemaster Games/VG247

Once you’ve requested an upgrade, Fae will get to work right away. You won’t be able to enter or open the bathhouse during this time, and will need to find something else with your in-game hours. Once the day that the upgrade is said to be completed arrives, the upgrade will be finished and you can get back to work earning more Moolags for the next upgrade.

Now, make sure you're keeping on top of cleaning the bathhouse if you're going to the effort of upgrading it!

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