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Sorry Palworld bandits, you can't steal other player's Pals anymore

This one's for the truly dedicated Pal tamers out there.

The player and two Pals approach a statue of Anubis in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld developer PocketPair has released a new patch today, fixing a major bug that allowed people to catch and steal pals from other players. In addition, the game will no longer crash and ruin your save file if you catch over 7,000 pals. Good news for aspiring Pal hoarders out there.

There is some bad news attached to this patch, however. If your save file is already affected by the 7,000 pal crash bug, then it sadly won't be salvagable as of right now. PocketPair has announced that it's working on a permanent fix for this, but as of now those few out of the 19 million Palworld players who have gone out of their way to catch an absurd number of pals may still be left impacted.

There are other smaller fixes and additions too. Pals will no longer get stuck in walls following charge attacks, which is a universal win. In addition, mouse side-buttons and numeric keypads are aso getting support, which is darn nice for those PC players still playing the game.

There's a wider list of issues fixed on top of these major adjustments too, which can be seen in full within the patch announcement tweet here. It's wild to think that even with some of these bugs looking like real problems (I can't imagine having to bin a 7,000 pal save file, oh my), the game still launched in a state that's more stable than some of the other big hitters in the survivial game genre. All they've got to do is stop the cats from meowing too much, and it'll be perfect.

With all these patches coming thick and fast, how are you finding the game now that it has been out for a little bit? Are you still enjoying it? Let us know below!

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