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Sony may be able to detect Jailbroken PS3s


If Sony follow the precedent set by Microsoft, we can expect pirated PlayStation 3 games to bring down the ban hammer, locking users out of the PlayStation Network. Fringe dwellers beware: Sony may well already know what you've been up to.

According to Digital Foundry, any PS3 console with a network connection reports back to Sony servers on start up - whether the user is signed in with a PlayStation ID or not.

The content of this communication is unknown, but is likely to include an application log identifying software installed on the hard drive.

Sony has yet to announce any consequences for using illicit software or firmware enabled by Geohot's PS3 root key publication; the company's most recent statement is that the hack is being looked into.

Piracy contravenes the PlayStation Network's terms and services and is justification for a ban, but Digital Foundry speculated that Sony may even be able to permanently disable Jailbroken PS3s.

A PSN ban disallows PS3 users from accessing the PlayStation store, title updates, online multiplayer and other game-specific services.

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