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Two PlayStation live service games to be released before March 2023

If you were already struggling to juggle all the live service titles out right now, you'll want to sit down.

It looks like we’ve still got two more live service titles coming from Sony this financial year, according to Sony president, Jim Ryan. First reported by VGC, Jim Ryan revealed this information during a business briefing, stating that while MLB The Show was one live service they had released, there was still more to come.

There’s little clue as to what these live service games could be, and we’ve got just under a year until Sony's financial year ends in March 2023. This plays into Sony’s intentions to release a total of ten live service titles before 2026.

Fall Guys is due it's major free-to-play update on PlayStation consoles, if you've got a hankering for it.

The first thought that may come to mind is Destiny 2, since Sony acquired Bungie earlier this year. However, Jim Ryan struck this off possibility by saying that the sci-fi FPS didn’t count as either of the pair. In addition, none of these games have been announced yet, which eliminates some other good guesses such as Supertrick’s Deathverse.

So, what other information is there to go off? Well, earlier this year Sony also acquired Haven Studios led by industry veteran, Jade Raymond, who we know is working on their own unannounced multiplayer title.

Many, including VGC in their report listed above, suggest it could be Naughty Dog’s multiplayer game based in the Last of Us IP. While we know it exists in some capacity, it’s shrouded in mystery, much like Haven Software’s project.

Either way, it’s something to look forward to if you’re a fiend for multiplayer games and have an insatiable hunger for battle passes. As for when we’re likely to hear about these games, time is certainly running out as we approach September. Not-E3 is just around the corner though, which could make for a perfect opportunity to show off the latest projects coming to PlayStation - live service and otherwise.

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