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Sony gives an early, and very rough, first look at its Gravity Rush film

Plus, a Patapon... animation?

Sony showed off an early bit of footage from its upcoming Gravity Rush film during its CES press conference, though don't expect much from it.

Back in 2022, it was reported that PlayStation Productions would be developing a Gravity Rush film, something that was a bit of a surprise given how much of a cult series it is. It's been unclear if the film was still in the works or not, but as you can see a clip of in the video below, it turns out it's still on the way. Right now it's looking like early test footage, showing off a woman that looks absolutely nothing like protagonist Kat jumping off a floating building to face a monster. All of the footage is CGI, you can even see a brief moment of an actor wearing a motion capture suit performing the dive, but Sony didn't even mention it during their press conference, so who knows if it'll be live action or not.

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Presuming that nothing has changed, Anna Mastro, known for working on music videos for artists like Leona Lewis and The Pussycat Dolls, is currently attached to direct, and Emily Jerome will serve as screenwriter. That's pretty much all we know about the film at this point in time, but the CES press conference did have an (even briefer) update on the God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn shows: they're both currently being written. I know, not much of an update, but what can you do?

Weirdly, in the same video above, there's a clip for something to do with Patapon? Remember Patapon? Yeah, course you do, that one quite cute and charming PSP game that blends rhythm and strategy! A very short clip showing off some kind of CG animation based on the game was shown, alongside text that reads "IP development, gaming/ anime." So, they're doing something with Patapon, I guess! All 17 of you Patapon fans can look forward to that.

Video game adaptations are kind of the thing to do at the moment in an almost post-Marvel world, with big shows like Fallout and Arcane season 2 due out later this year.

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