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Sony's vision for the future includes a controller that looks like a ring light with joysticks, and, er, Horizon Zero Dawn

In ten years time, you apparently might be playing an ok game from 2017 on a floating screen.

Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn alongside some people from Sony's future video.
Image credit: Sony/Guerilla Games

Ok. So, as part of a corporate strategy meeting, Sony's decided to give us all a look at its "Creative Entertainment Vision" - basically what it thinks the world might look like from its perspective in ten years time. What's in the forecast for 2034, you ask? Well, some floaty gadgets and an open-world game that's just alright.

That's not to say the company isn't aiming high though, having even gone as far as creating renders for a game that's set to come out in 2035 - that's in this video's timeline, I stress, we don't know if this title about a woman just kinda flying through space will actually be a thing in the real world (I'd guess not).

Yup, if you check out the two minute-ish long glimpse that shows Sony's vision - you'll see some interesting things. There's some people standing around a futuristic table putting personal touches on that game I mentioned above - it's dubbed Ignition, but isn't the 90s racing game - by using their fingers to mainputate stuff hanging in the air.

There's what looks to be a futuristic PlayStation controller being used to play that game further on, as part of a sequence that also shows many screens with rounded edges. One of those is floating, because future. The controller just looks like a ring light with joysticks attatched to it if you ask me, although I'm aware that's kind of what controllers already are.

Then towards the end, just as the voiceover says something about connecting stories together, the logo of Horizon Zero Dawn - yes, it says Zero Dawn specifically, not the latest entry Forbidden West - is shown projected onto a building, and a bunch of people are show gawking at various machines from it. Soon after that, we end up in a Ghostbusters world, complete with slimers and the Stay Puft marshmellow man.

It ends with the words "create infinite realities", which I can confirm is a phrase. Overall, I'd say it's a quite 7/10 vision of the future.

If you've been left wondering why this is a thing, Sony's provided the following explnation: "Ten years from now, we will be living in a more multi-layered world where physical and virtual realities overlap without boundaries. If Sony, as a creative entertainment company, would be filling the world with new Kando in that future, what kind of experiential value would we be offering to make that happen? To explore this question, we conducted a prototyping exercise under the concept of 'Creative Entertainment Vision'. Envisioning through the lens of Sony’s creativity and technology, here we present the future as an extension of our lives today."

Ok then.

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