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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Path of Battle Challenge Tomb guide

Here we have another guide for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, specifically the Path of Battle Challenge Tomb.

This one begins by squeezing down into a waterway and swimming down into a tunnel on your right, through the mouth of a large stone skeleton. Carry on through this narrow, dark tunnel until you can resurface on the other side.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Path of Battle Challenge Tomb

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You’ll know you’ve made it when it pops up to say, "Unknown Area: Challenge Tomb". Climb up onto the rocks then jump off the ledge to the scalable wall opposite. From here, you can rappel down to the level below. Where you’ll discover a new base camp, Ossuary, so light a fire before you start this Challenge Tomb.

Make your way through the jagged wood to the cave. Interact with the lever in front of you and fires will light around the room. This will highlight the path hugging the wall to the left.

You’ll need to jump to the wall on the left, and over the rotating blades. Once you’ve got to the end of the platform, you’ll need to grapple onto the scalable wall before rappelling down to the circular platform below.

Head into the cavern and follow the path round. A message will pop up that you have found the Path of Battle. Push the bar on your right forward, which will activate a rolling death trap that you must jump past. Carry on down the stairs and a giant, rotating totem will rise out of the ground.

Run into the circle and go to the left, taking care to avoid the swinging arms. You should see a wooden platform; jump from it to the circular platform below. Follow the path to the right, jumping over the fire plinth and carry on until you are on a raised level overlooking the spinning structure.

There should be a large pulley in front of you. Pull it all the way out and release it which folds in the totem’s arms. It also activates various swinging, jagged, fiery traps on your path back.

Keep running round to your right until you find a jaguar head statue with a lever. Push this lever in to lower the totem as well as release two of its swinging arms. Run into the middle again and go to the right. Jump over the gap and leave the circle to your right, again jumping off a platform to the level below.

Follow the path to the right, taking care to avoid traps, until you come across another large lever. Pull the lever as far as you can then release it, which will set off more traps on your way back. Run around to the left until you find the jaguar head with the lever and push this in.

This will disable the spinning totem. You will be able to climb one of the arms to get up onto the totem. You’ll need to scale around the outside of the structure to the right until you can climb up and jump to the top to find the statue.

The reward for completing this Challenge Tomb is Sip’s Quiver.

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