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A Tomb Raider website update is feeding into those reveal rumours

Gamescom is next week, after all.

Not to get your hopes up too much, but the official Tomb Raider website has updated to let you sign-up for emails about "breaking news" regarding the franchise.

Now, we really don't want to get ahead of ourselves, as a website updating so that you can get some emails about a video game doesn't mean it's going to tell you about that video game right away. The update on the website was originally spotted by Twitter user thetreeble, later shared by Tomb Raider news account SmashLara (thanks, TheGamer), and really isn't much of an update. But, with Tomb Raider not having had a game since 2018, and with confirmation last year that a new game is in development at Crystal Dynamics, with Amazon Games as its publisher, an upcoming reveal wouldn't be entirely unsurprising.

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More than that, though, Miller Ross had previously reported a new Tomb Raider game was planned to be revealed this year. Ross has shared accurate information about Marvel's Avengers, another Crystal Dynamics game, prior to official reveals, so him also having information on a new Tomb Raider game makes sense. Of course, this is all speculative, so don't go telling your nan another Tomb Raider is on the way, but it all does seem to be lining up quite nicely.

Gamescom Opening Night Live is set to air next week, so it's always possible we'll get a reveal then, but it could easily be further down the line, like at host Geoff Keighley's other big event The Game Awards (he's got his fingers in a lot of pies these days, doesn't he).

It was also reported earlier this year that Amazon has outright bought the rights to Tomb Raider from Embracer Group, who acquired both the IP and developer Crystal Dynamics last year. Embracer Group does still own Crystal Dynamics, though, so it seems like it will still benefit from a new Tomb Raider game any which way.

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