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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Judge's Gaze Challenge Tomb guide

Here’s a quick guide on how to complete the Judge’s Gaze Challenge Tomb in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Judge's Gaze Challenge Tomb

Use your pickaxe to break a hole in the wall and climb through. Run forwards until to come to an edge with a steep drop. Jump and use the grapple axe to swing over to the scalable wall at the other side. You’ll catch the ledge briefly before falling into the water below.

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When you resurface, you’ll see an archway in the rocks - head that way into the tunnel. You’ll then enter an area with a statue blocking the way. Use your Survival Instincts to highlight a structure nearby.

If you turn around and go to the right there is a ledge you can climb that will allow you to jump over to the structure, moving the statue. Go through the opening underneath the statue and you will find a new base camp, the Jungle Cavern. Light a fire here just for good measure.

To the left of the fire is an opening and to the right of that is some Hardwood which is always worthwhile picking up. Go through the opening to the rickety bridge. Cross this bridge until you encounter water, where you’ll need to dive down.

The path through the watery ruins is quite straightforward and there is an embankment you can walk up to carry on. You will reach a dead end, but if you turn to the right you will be able to climb up the wall.

Once at the top, turn right and enter the ruins. In front of the giant head is a wooden raft with white rope. On each side of the giant head are two hanging statues. Shoot an arrow at the white rope on one of the statues and attach it to the raft. Do this on both sides.

Now you want to be moving both carts to a square on the tracks. You know you're in the correct position when the teeth on the cart click outwards.

Turn to your left and scale the wall behind you on the right until you reach a doorway. Go the back of the room, turn right and then straight in front of you is a wooden ladder. Jump on this to drop it onto the cart and lift the statues up.

Once you’re down, there’s a doorway you can climb to an upper level on the right. Climb onto this ledge then go to the wall on the left and scale it. Once you reach the opening, turn left then left again to find another wooden ladder. Jump on this again to descend.

Climb onto the rock in front of the giant ladder so that you can jump onto it and climb to the top. Run and jump over the gap to find the monument at the top where you will receive Caiman’s Heart.

To leave, go to the left and side of the platform and shoot an arrow done to the white rope on the left, attaching it to the white rope beside you and zip line your way down.

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