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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Howling Caves Challenge Tomb guide

This guide will help you complete the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Howling Caves Challenge Tomb.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Howling Caves Challenge Tomb

On the right hand side of the room there’s a turning mechanism; use this to lower the statue on the right. It also swings a blockade out of the road, so you can cross the bridge to the left.

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Jump onto the blockage and jump to the ledge on the left.

On the right there is another turning mechanism; use this to lower the statue on your left. It will also open vents in front of you that blow out the fire.

Jump back down to the bridge on your right, run and jump to the platform on your right, jump over to the one after that and then face the swinging pendulum again and shoot the white rope with an arrow, pulling then releasing so that it crashes into a structure.

Go back the way you came to the platform with the fold out ledges and lowered statue and go ahead and turn the mechanism to raise the statue once more. Jump over the platform to the right again and walk across the beam on the left of the first platform onto this new section with fire.

Jump to the platform on your left and you’ll see another turning point. It’s jammed, so you’ll need to climb up the pillar on the right hand side of it and jump over to the lantern.

Climb around this to the right and jump down to the ledge below. Turn to your right and shoot an arrow at the white rope of the hanging structure ahead of you and attach the rope to the structure on your right.

You can then crawl along the rope until you reach the platform with the turning point. Now go back to the turning point where you raised the statue up and lower it down again. This time, the structure on the left will fly off the wall. Raise the statue up again and go back over to where the structure blew off.

You can now lower the statue and the wind will blow the fire ahead out. Raise the statue again to close the vents. You can now climb the stairs to the top where you’ll receive Huracan’s Mantle and complete the Challenge Tomb.

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