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Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets review bombed on Steam because it went on sale

Some Steam users who bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider at or near release are pretty upset that the game went on sale so soon after launch.

The Steam page for Shadow of the Tomb Raider has recently seen an influx of negative reviews, changing the overall rating to 'Mixed' from 'Mostly Positive'.

According to the user review history, this sharp decline kicked off on October 16. Though it has since mostly died down, you can still see fresh reviews rating the game negatively.

There's obviously nothing wrong with rating the game negatively, but this particular influx seems to correlate with the game's current Steam sale. The sale kicked off last week, just a month after Shadow of the Tomb Raider's release on September 14.

This is what angered early adopters, who felt it was too soon for the game to get a discount. Shadow of the Tomb Raider remains on sale for 34% off for the standard, and 47% for the Croft Edition.

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Steam's algorithms detected this unusually high amount of negative reviews, and this fact is highlighted on the page. Sorting by most recent reveals that most negative reviews were indeed posted by disgruntled customers.

Almost all of them lament the fact they bought the game at release. "Ripppppppeeeed off for the pre order, thanks guys, half the price for the dlc pack after a month, woowwwww," wrote one user.

"Love how this game goes on sale a month after release. Consumers get fkd for pre-ordering," another added.

The sale is available for the next three hours. If you decide to pick it up, be sure to bookmark our puzzles and Challenge Tombs guide should you need help with any of them.

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