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Sea of Thieves Season 4 will send players under the sea

It's better, down where it's wetter.

Sea of Thieves Season 4 starts next week, and it looks like players will venture under the sea once more.

That's going by what we gleaned from the short teaser trailer released today by Rare.

The video shows a pirate waving to a passing ship, and the voice-over asking if you can "hear it calling to you." It then goes on to speak of a "forgotten world of adventure," and a "kingdom of riches beyond compare," before stating "it waits for you." Then, the video zooms in, goes under the waves, and you get a glimpse of ruins sitting on the ocean floor.

Could players be venturing into the depths to explore said ruins? It's possible, but since Rare has yet to announce what to expect from Season 4, we can only speculate at this point. Still, it looks like it will be a rather fun adventure.

This wouldn't be the first time pirates ventured into the ocean, as this past season, players visited depths and ran into the Siren Queen as part of The Sunken Pearl quest, the second of the A Pirate's Life Tall Tales which had you exploring the Black Pearl as it sat on the ocean floor.

So, it seems the next season could tie into the current one in some way shape, or form. We'll just have to wait to find out.

Season 4 kicks off September 23.

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