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Hoping for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 2? Don't place your bets on it

"It’s self-contained for now."

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off fans likely have a season two on their minds right now, but the show's creators don't have any plans for one right now.

Announced last year, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is the third adaptation of the classic comic series, and honestly, it's really good, and really different (even if our own Kelsey can't enjoy it themself). But, like any good thing, people always want more of it, even if they don't necessarily need it. That leaves the question of whether the show could get a second season, with comic creator and co-showrunner Bryan Lee O'Malley explaining in an interview with Rolling Stone that it's pretty unlikely. "It’s self-contained for now," O'Malley said.

"We loved what we did. We put it all in there. We don’t have any ideas lying on the floor. We pretty much put them all in. I never say never, but right now, it seems like it would take about 50 different miracles simultaneously for another season to happen. So we’ll see." Co-showrunner BenDavid Grabinski also made it clear there's nothing in the works right now, saying, "We’re not working on it. We have no official ideas. We put everything we had into this, and we think it has a really great ending that we’re proud of. I don’t make any plans in general. Maybe some day one of us will text each other an idea that’s really great for a Season Two. But for now, my entire brain and heart is in this thing, and just getting it out into the world."

Interestingly, O'Malley pointed out how "people are always complaining about how shows get canceled after one season. So we hedged our bets immediately, and tried to make a self-contained one season." He's not exactly wrong. While TV shows getting cancelled wasn't exactly unusual pre-streaming, these days a lot of them struggle to get past even the second season, for reasons explained by a supposed algorithm and not much more than that. So to have a show all wrapped up in a single season is a blessing, in one sense.

Of course, the show does technically end with a pseudo-post credits scene, but O'Malley explained to Polygon that it's "a parody of those Marvel end credits scenes." Essentially, don't expect a season two, but don't be completely shocked if one does end up happening.

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