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Scott Pilgrim Game Shops | Which items to buy and where to find secret shops

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game isn’t a stroll in Hillcrest Park. As you scrap through intense levels filled with kung-fu hipsters, hazards aplenty, and Ramona’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends, you’ll come across a variety of shops and items to spend your hard-earned coins on.

If you’re going to defeat the League of Evil Exes, then you’ll have to build up your stats by buying as many character-boosting items from stores as you can.

Picking up items increases your character’s Strength, Speed, Will Power, and Defence. Increasing your Health, Guts Points, attacking capability and damage, while reducing the amount of punishment you receive from enemies, is vital to your success in defeating the League, and a lot of new players quickly hit a brick wall by neglecting items.

Here are the effects of every item you can find at the shops in Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, how much they cost, and where you can add them to your inventory.

We’ll also point you in the direction of the few secret shops you can uncover throughout the game. These are where you’ll find many powerful items which make a huge difference to your experience.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Shops

It’s now been more than a full decade since, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim was dating a high-schooler, and all of the shop locations from the original release of the game remain intact.

There are two main types of items that you can collect:

  • ”To-Go” Snack Items
  • Stat-boosting Items

Most of the items in Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game restore your health and Guts, give you more experience points, and increase your characters’ stats.

However, there are certain, smaller, snacks that you can take with you once you leave a shop.

These items restore your health and save you from death when your points reach 0. They tend to be cheaper than other items, but are invaluable to stock up on before you take on a new level.

Return to the shopping street often to pick up a snack.

Items you can’t take “To Go” tend to be more expensive and more powerful, but raise your stats to a greater degree.

You have 4 stats to manage:

  • Strength - Increases the damage you deal to enemies
  • Defence - Reduces incoming damage from enemies, increases your HP, increases the amount of hits you can take before you’re stunned
  • Will Power - Raises your maximum Guts Points which revive you when your HP reaches 0, increases the strength of your super attacks
  • Speed - Increases speed of movement, attacks, and how quickly you recover from the floor

If you’re struggling to progress, invest in some of the stat-boosting items below and the game will become much more manageable.

Remember, you can buy more than one of the same item to get its effects a second time - which is great for stacking boosts of a stat you specifically want to increase.

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 1 Shops - Shopping District

In the second part of the first level, you’ll reach the Shopping District. This is an area you’ll return to many times throughout your time with Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, since it’s where you’ll have the easiest access to useful items.

There are 7 shops along the main street, each with their own niche.

No Account Video

The first shop, No Account Video, is a special one. You can’t rent any more videos until you pay off Scott’s hefty late fees, but once you do, you have access to the cheapest and best stat buffs in the game.

Start saving if you want to take advantage, but you can always grind the funds out later once you have a feel for the game.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Delicious Cup
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Scott's Late Fees504.25Unlocks other shop itemsNo
The Mystical Head4.951-UPNo
Seven Shaolin Masters4.95100 XP, +10 Strength, +10 Defence, +10 Willpower, +10 SpeedNo
Aliens vs T-Rex4.95+20 StrengthNo
Alone and Disturbed4.951500 XPNo
I Love Your Boyfriend4.95320 XP, +15 Defence, +15 WillpowerNo

Delicious Cup

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Delicious Cup
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Tea1.40Restore 10 HP, 1 XP, +1 WillpowerYes
Coffee1.60Restore 15 HP, 10 Guts, 1XP, Makes you HyperYes
Espresso1.60Restores 25 HP, 20 XP, Makes you HyperYes
Hot Chocolate2.50Restores 40 HP, 20 Guts, 10 XPYes
Iced Latte3.75Restores 56 HP, 16 Guts, 10 XPYes

Dee’s Tex Mex

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Dee's Tex Mex
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Nachos7.75Restore 80 HP, 80 Guts, 10 XP, +1 Strength, +1 SpeedNo
Tacos9.85Restore 100 HP, 100 Guts, 5 XP, +3 SpeedNo
Burrito Grande 11.25Restores 120 HP, 105 Guts, 20 XP, +3 DefenceNo
Quesadilla13.50Restores 135 HP, 135 Guts, 25 XP, +4 StrengthNo
Fajitas17.95Restores 180 HP, 180 Guts, 30 XP, +5 WillpowerNo

Mini Marts

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Mini Marts
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Chewing Gum0.95Restore 30 HP, 5 XPYes
Chocolate1.25Restore 25 HP, 5 GutsYes
Cola1.80Restores 55 HP, 5 Guts, 5 XPYes
Grape Juice2.25Restores 55 HP, 10 Guts, 5 XPYes
Energy Drink2.95Restores 64 HP, 16 Guts, makes you hyperYes

Sushi Bar

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Sushi Bar
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Miso2.50Restore 15 HP, 10 Guts, 15 XP, +1 DefenceNo
Avocado Hosomaki2.50Restore 5 HP, 20 Guts, 15 XP, +1 SpeedNo
Salmon Nigiri3.85Restores 35 HP, 20 XP, +1 StrengthNo
Ikura Don4.60Restores 50 HP, 25 XP, +2 DefenceNo
Rainbow Maki8.75Restores 60 HP, 30 Guts, 30 XP, + Strength, +1 Defence, +1 Willpower, +1 SpeedNo

Shockwave Records

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Shockwave Records
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
The Clash at Demonhead14.95Restore 64 Guts, 64 XP, +8 WillpowerNo
Smashing Turnips16.95Restore 64 Guts, 64 XP, + 8 StrengthNo
Crash and the Boys14.95Restores 64 Guts, 64 XP, +8 SpeedNo
Winifred Hailey15.95Restores 64 Guts, 64 XP, +8 DefenceNo
Kupek14.95Restores 40 Guts, 40 XP, +2 Strength, +2 Defence, +2 Willpower, +2 SpeedNo

Flatiron’s Book Store

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Flatiron Books
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Lost at Sea11.95350 XPNo
Vegan Cookbook22.95230 XP, +10 DefenceNo
Get Rich Now19.95230 XP, +10 SpeedNo
How to Study Hard20.95230 XP, +10 WillpowerNo
101 Push-Ups24.95230 XP, +10 StrengthNo

Wallace’s Mystery Shop - Scott Pilgrim Game Secret Shop

After the main shopping district street, and after you’ve been ambushed at the bus stop, you’ll enter a traffic tunnel.

Along the lower level, you’ll see a panel marked with a sub-space highway star.

It’s here that you’ll find the game’s first secret shop: Wallace’s Mystery Shop.

The items he stocks are expensive, but well worth the investment for a huge boost to your stats.

In the early game, I’d recommend the Bionic arm to really give your strength a boost so you can make some headway through the rest of the levels.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Wallace's Mystery Shop
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Tlaloc's Feast49.951-UPNo
Ambrosia59.95Restores 200 HP, 200 Guts, 1200 XPYes
Bionic Arm129.95+50 StrengthNo
Never-ending Fantasy119.95Restores 30 Guts, +30 Defence, +30 WillpowerNo
Speedy the Porcupine109.95+50 SpeedNo

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 2 Shop - Fancy Chip Wagon

The Fancy Chip Wagon is easy to find at the start of the second level at Casa Loma.

You’ll see two girls standing outside right at the beginning of the level.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Chip Wagon
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Fries1.80Restores 35 HP, 15 XPNo
Poutine3.50Restores 40 HP, 5 Guts, 25 XP, +1 DefenceNo
Hot Dog3.80Restores 45 HP, 5 Guts, 30 XP, +1 WillpowerNo
Buffalo Burger5.80Restores 55 HP, 20 Guts, 55 XP, +1 StrengthNo
Croque Monsieur 6.50Restores 55 HP, 20 Guts, 55 XP, +2 SpeedNo

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 3 Shop - Leo’s Place Stand

As you make your way towards Scott’s big-ex Envy and Ramona’s number 3, Todd, you’ll see the merch stand at their show - Leo’s Place - at the top of the screen.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Leo's Place Stand
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Carbonated Water0.60Restores 25 HPYes
Potato Chips0.95Restores 30 HP, 5 GutsYes
Wristband6.95+2 Defence, +3 WillpowerNo
Hipster Cap15.95+6 Defence, +7 WillpowerNo
Concert T-shirt19.95+8 Defence, + 8 WillpowerNo

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 4 Shop - The Frying Tengu

The Frying Tengu is in the second part of level 4, after you’ve fought towards Roxie on top of the Transit bus.

The entrance to the shop has a pig’s head with arrows pointing towards it.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - The Frying Tengu
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Ramen5.95Restores 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, +2 SpeedNo
Udon Noodles5.95Restores 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, +2 WillpowerNo
Tempura Vegetables5.95Restores 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, +2 DefenceNo
Tempura Shrimps5.95Restores 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, +2 StrengthNo
Kushiyaki Moriawase14.95Restores 100 HP, 100 Guts, 64 XP, + 3 Strength, +3 DefenceNo

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 5 Shop - Scott’s Dad’s BBQ

Scott’s Dad’s BBQ is probably the easiest shop to miss in the whole game.

It’s found on the Fire Escape after you crash your way out of the Halloween Party.

As you fight down the walkway, you’ll come to a door with a welcome mat after a couple of battles. If you reach the stairs going up, you’ve gone too far.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Scott's Dad's BBQ
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Iced Tea0.95Restores 30 HP, 5 GutsYes
Tropical Punch2.25Restores 45 HP, 15 Guts, 10 XPYes
Kebab4.95Restores 50 HP, 10 XP, +2 StrengthNo
Hamburger4.95Restores 55 HP, 10 XP, +1 Strength, +1 Defence No
Filet Mignon18.95Restores 200 HP, 200 Guts, 15 XP, +2 Strength, +3 WillpowerNo

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 6 Shop - Mobile’s Secret House

The second secret shop in Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game is also worth a visit.

For just under $50, it unlocks your character’s second tech attack - a powerful move that helps with pesky late-game enemies who’re always on the defensive.

To find Mobile’s Secret House, play through the park level until you reach a clearing with a key inside of an anvil.

On the next screen, you’ll see Wallace, Other Scott, and a couple more of Wallace’s friends standing around a star shaped thicket of trees and bushes.

Walk through the middle of where they’re standing and you’ll find the secret shop with Stacy and Mobile.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Mobile's Secret House
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Herbal Tea1.60Restores 20 HP, 1 XP, +1 WillpowerYes
Wild Blueberries2.95Restores 40 HP, 20 Guts, +1 DefenceYes
Ginko Biloba9.95Restores 90 HP, 90 Guts, +2 Defence, +2 WillpowerYes
Sauteed Shiitake9.95Restores 30 HP, 20 Guts, +4 Defence, +4 WillpowerNo
Special Training57.50Unlocks Tech Move 2No

Scott Pilgrim Game Level 7 Shop - Techno Shack

This shop can literally be a life-saver after the gauntlet that has been the Chaos Theatre so far.

Stock up here, and make sure to pick up a snack, because your greatest test is yet to come.

Scott Pilgrim Game Shops - Techno Shack
Item Name:Item Price:Item Effect:To-Go?
Food Pill2.50Restores 30 HP, 30 GutsYes
Beef Jerky2.95Restores 40 HP, 30 GutsYes
Energy Tank3.95Restores 100 HPYes
Microwave Chicken3.95Restores 30 HP, 30 Guts, +1 StrengthNo
Fighting Software24.95+4 Strength, +4 Defence, +4 Willpower, +4 SpeedNo

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