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Saints Row 2: Finishing moves add visual flourish

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In an interview with Gamezone, Saints Row 2 lead designer, James Tsai, has said that after you've repeatedly smashed your opponents face in with your bare fists, finishing moves add a "nice visual flourish" to the exercise.

"We have several melee fighting styles the player can use throughout the game, each of which has its own set of combos and finishers," said Tsai.

"Aside from adding that nice visual flourish to finishing off opponents after a flurry of strikes, the finishing moves and counters are used heavily in our fight club activity, as well as some cool sword fighting boss battles.

"You’ll have to time and counter attacks and follow up with strikes of your own rather than just pummel away," he added.

Volition's Saints Row 2 is out now, and if you haven't already read a review, look here and you'll see that it hasn't done badly so far.

Full interview through the link.

By Mike Bowden

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