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Rumour: Smash Bros. Universe named in leaked document

A new Smash Bros. game for Wii U is most certainly planned, that much we know thanks to Satoru Iwata's announcement at E3 earlier this year - an announcement that series creator Masahiro Sakurai felt was a little premature considering that work hasn't even begun on the title. Perhaps it's not too early for the game's title to be decided, though?

The next game in Nintendo's multiplayer brawler franchise will be titled Smash Bros. Universe, according to an alleged leaked document.

The document, which according to 1UP surfaced on 4chan, shows the Japanese and English language logos for the title. The U in Universe is displayed in the same font as that in the Wii U console name, a cute touch though hardly one that confirms the documents veracity.

Sakurai previously alluded to a wait of "several years" for the next Smash Bros. title, whatever it may be called, citing that all of his team's manpower was being devoted to the completion of Kid Icarus: Uprising and that a team for the next Smash Bros. was yet to be assembled.

Gaze upon the alleged document and stroke your collective beards in contemplation.

Thanks, CVG.

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