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Rumour - Next Modern Warfare 3 maps to be Shipbreaker and Terminal

A video purportedly captured before a hasty update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 seems to give scant details on upcoming DLC.

The video below was allegedly captured from the PlayStation 3 version of the game following a recent patch, and shows two new maps called Shipbreaker and Terminal. The video has not been verified and the maps are no longer listed.

Dedicated fansite Call of Duty Map Packs notes that Modern Warfare 2 had a map named Terminal, and that it's been rumoured for a return before.

The Shipbreaker map seems less certain, although it is said to bear some similarities to maps in both recent Modern Warfare games.

The new maps are speculated to be part of June or July content drops for Elite members, possibly for the new Face Off mode.

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Thanks, Kotaku.

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