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Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII canned after six years dev

Kotaku's rumouring that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled after six years of production.

The site has heard from "several sources" that the RPG has been cancelled, with one saying the decision was made on the project in the recent weeks.

The suggestion is that there isn't to be an official announcement in an effort to protect Square's share price, but that the game will rather just fade away.

The game's resources have apparently been folded into another game, reportedly the next numeric Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy XV.

It was reported this morning that Square's readying to make FFXIII announcements on September 1.

Fade away

The development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is legendary for all the wrong reasons. Square announced the title more than six years ago as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga.

In recent months, dev lead Tetusya Nomura had clearly grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress with the game. He promised in January that a new real-time demo was to be shown, but then added in March that “totally unrelated” circumstances were stopping more details being released.

Versus XIII only entered full production towards the end of last year.

The last moving footage was reported on was in late 2010.

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