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Rumor: Rocksteady prepping new DLC for first Arkham Asylum?


Batman appears when his enemies least expect him, and apparently, so does his DLC. With Arkham Asylum's new-Batmobile smell long since worn away and a sequel pegged for later this year, Rocksteady's somewhat surprisingly decided to revisit Batman's first trip to the titular loony bin with some new DLC.

The news comes from CVG, who received an email from Rocksteady's recruitment agency.

"Want to work on DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum in London? Drop [us] a line," it read.

In addition, Rocksteady's been scanning aisles in the job market for a Lead DLC Artist, and unless the upcoming DLC's going to be a text adventure, we're guessing this has something to do with it as well.

Granted, Rocksteady could also be using "Arkham Asylum" as an extremely truncated version of "Arkham Asylum 2," so you never know.

But you know who does? Rocksteady. We'll shoot them an email and see what's what.

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