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Rumor: More clues to Valve's ARG revealed?

More clues to a possible alternate reality game that involves several games on Steam may have been revealed.

The ARG may have started with last week's Potato Sack sale of various indie games on Steam where updates to those games seemed to have added things like mysterious glyphs and more odd content to those titles.

Today those same games have gotten even more and even odder updates, according to the Steam news page. One of the updates for the game Cogs says, "Due to a change of management, the previously instituted magic word has been replaced by that to which you are more traditionally accustomed."

Another update for the game 1...2...3...Kick It says, "Day one. Missed call. Partied all night with that platinum midget fellow and Urbano. I want to decide who lives and who dies. No, forget that. Just forget it all. What does the rest of it all mean? Not just life, but the universe as well. When will I find true love? What's the melody that holds the key to my heart? What do uplifts care, anyway?"

For those of you who want to get in deep in this ARG you can follow the unofficial PotatoFoolsDay Wiki page.

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