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Rocky Balboa is stalking Dark Souls 2 PvP players

Dark Souls 2 PvP is tense, to say the least, but this latest champion lends a new element of terror to proceedings.

Dark Souls 2 players produce a variety of creative PvP builds, and the scene is constantly shifting as players find and then react to new strategies.

Sometimes, PvP builds are just supposed to make you laugh or to handicap and challenge the controlling player - and at first I thought this Rocky Balboa build was one of those.

But Youtuber Chainsaw Ape really knows what they're doing, clobbering challenger after challenger. Opponents seem pretty baffled by the whole thing, which probably provides an advantage, but even so. Kudos.

Watch the whole thing; the little nods to the Rocky films are great.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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