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Ring of Elysium patch brings optimization and weapon improvements to the game

Ring of Elysium has benefited from a patch bringing a slew of optimization and weapon improvements.

Aurora Studios has released a patch for Ring of Elysium, and it contains plenty of performance upgrades and changes to the game’s weapons.

Along with the aforementioned, you can expect quality of life improvements, fixes to scope functionality, audio on third-party gunshots, and improvements to building textures and helicopter evacuation points.

In addition to bug fixes, optimization improvements were made to the game's memory usage, snowboards, and BMX bikes.

Improvements to weapon firing animations have also been implemented. Patch notes are below.

Early Access Patch Notes - 2.21.2019


  • Assault Rifle weapons can't equip the 8X scope anymore
  • Overhaul to various weapons' ADS firing animation, making the visual presentation more realistic and impactful
  • Developer note: this is purely a visual improvement for the ADS gunfire animation, the weapon parameters remain untouched


  • Added the setting to display in-game network latency. You can choose to enable this function in the System Settings - Interface tab. The default is off


  • Valentine's Day limited time sale ends
  • The following Valentine's Day exclusive items will be removed from the Store:
  • Accessories: Pink bear, Lover bear, Macaron, Fruit pie
  • Vehicle appearance: Sports car- Sweetheart


  • Slightly optimized memory usage of the client
  • Optimized Bradley's third-party texture resources to reduce performance usage
  • Optimized the BMX bike and snowboard models to avoid an issue where texture cannot be displayed correctly

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a client crash caused by texture creation
  • Fixed an issue where opponent Adventurer Characters' accessories were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where holstered weapons floated in the air while spectating opponent Adventurer Characters
  • Fixed an issue where a white outline on the sight/scope was shown when aiming at the smoke generated by the smoke grenade
  • Fixed an issue where the sight/scope was rendered incorrectly while proning on a slope, going into ADS and looking down
  • Fixed an issue where players could not hear third-party gunshots sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where cartridge cases were not shown when shooting with the M200 and VKS under ADS
  • Fixed an issue where certain evacuation helicopters points were partially blocked by houses and trees
  • Fixed a few model collision errors in the Europa island map
  • Fixed an issue where the top structure of a building type is not displayed at a far distance
  • Fixed an issue where the footprints and tire prints was not displayed correctly on some ground surfaces
  • Fixed an issue where the character would get stuck after getting of a vehicle in some rare cases
  • Fixed an issue where the character position would get dragged after standing on top of a car in water
  • Fixed an issue where the character body would still travel for a short distance after getting eliminated while using the BMX bike and pedaling backward
  • Fixed an issue where the third party character would stay in the air for a short time after getting eliminated while using the grappling hook
  • Fixed an issue where the "Ready" button did not turn grey after successfully starting the matchmaking process
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to pick up loot from the airdrop in some cases

Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play battle royale tile and available for download on Steam.

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