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Resident Evil 6 has been successful to 'some degree' - Capcom

Resident Evil 6's sales were brushed over lightly in Capcom's most recent financial report, while a Q&A posted by the company refers to its performance as successful to 'some degree', but states that it's too early to make a solid call on its performance.

The report - which can be downloaded here - features several investor questions. One question pertaining to the mixed critical reaction towards Resident Evil 6 was met with a wooly response.

The report answered, “Resident Evil 6 continues to generate repeat sales in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, initial shipments set a new record for a Capcom title. So this game has been successful to some degree."

“We therefore believe it is too early to reach a conclusion about how users view this game." it continued, "We always listen carefully to the feedback from users and use this information when developing games.”

Resident Evil 6 currently holds Metacritic ratings of 67 on Xbox 360 and 76 on PS3, which is a dip given the overall success of the franchise. Capcom was also asked why shipping projections for the game were slashed from seven million to six, to which Capcom replied, "Our revision of the sales volume is based on a comprehensive decision that reflects a variety of factors and risks at this time."

“We believe that prospects are good for reaching our goal of six million units. We are confident because of the approaching overseas Christmas and New Year selling season, past sales of titles in this series, and for other reasons.”

What is your view on Resident Evil 6? Is it the disaster some are making it out to be, or is it fun regardless?

Thanks Eurogamer.

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