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Resident Evil 3 drops Mercenaries mode, expands Carlos Oliveira's role

The Resident Evil 3 remake will take more liberties with its characters and story compared to Resident Evil 2's remake.

Capcom has revealed that the Resident Evil 3 we're getting this year will be altered in a number of ways compared to the original.

This itself isn't surprising; Resident Evil 2 Remake, of course, introduced new stories of its own and fleshed out previously ignored characters. In the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (issue 171), Capcom revealed a number of tidbits about the remake.

Reddit user wolfiepl rounded up some standout details from the magazine's cover story.

One of the characters getting their due in the game is Carlos Oliveira, who's going to have a bigger role to play in the game's story. Capcom didn't say much about Carlos' section of the game, but indicated he won't be the only character from the original getting a big narrative upgrade.

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Speaking of upgrades, the AI logic that governed Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake has been improved, and it's now responsible for controlling Nemsis. To get the scale right, Capcom created a full-size model of Nemesis and scanned it into the game. With that in mind, Capcom says Nemesis will behave differently from Tyrant.

Likewise, sound design will be an even bigger element of gameplay this time around. Due to the some of the game's more open locations, you'll need to rely on sounds to avoid zombies.

As far as the story goes - though it will be re-imagined, don't expect multiple endings. This should play out like a narrative in a modern linear game.

The cover story also reveals that Mercenaries - the arcade-style, action focused bonus mode - will not return, with Capcom instead relying on Resident Evil Resistance to sort of fill that gap.

Hit the link at the top to subscribe to the magazine and read the issue yourself.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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