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Project Resistance: watch a full match from the in-development Resident Evil spin-off

Project Resistance, the upcoming Resident Evil spin-off, is a team-based shooter: and now we know how a full match will look.

Project Resistance was just recently announced, and is the latest in a long line of (mostly s**t) spin-off Resident Evil co-op games. Will it buck the trend? It's hard to say, although Capcom is at least saying a lot of the right things. The game will also feature a narrative mode, which is playable even in single-player.

A closed beta will kick off next month, which will give some players an early taste of what's to come. In the meantime, we have our first proper look at what a match in Project Resistance actually looks like, with one player controlling the 'director' and four others trying to escape everything that is thrown at them.

Watch on YouTube

As this gameplay footage shows, the survivors need to work together, while the mastermind is able to spawn enemies in on them. By destroying security cameras, the survivors can remove the director's ability to see into certain rooms - but they can also spawn as zombies and directly attack.

It's early days for the game yet, but player feedback to this footage hasn't been kind - the UI's pretty ugly, and the action doesn't look particularly exciting. The mastermind's dialogue is pretty annoying, too. Still, there's some promise - it looks a lot better than Umbrella Corps, at least, and the terrifying Mr X can be spawned in.

Project Resistance does not have a set release date yet, but you can still sign up for the closed beta on Xbox One if you're part of the Insider Program.

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