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Report - First Halo re-releasing on November 15

It looks as though the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake is indeed headed for release, presuming inside sources are correct.

According to a Joystiq source, Halo 1 has been given a visual overhaul with new art assets and will be released during the holiday season for Xbox 360.

The source said the audio from the game has not been touched, the engine it's running on is something other than the one used in Reach, and the controls will be similar to "recent Halo configurations." It is also expected to support 1080p and 3D televisions, with online co-op "likely," and multiplayer details still being worked out.

It's rumored that Saber Interactive are doing the revamp, but Joystiq were unable to get confirmation of this.

Halo: Combat Evolved is expected to hit on November 15, which is around the anniversary of the original release on Xbox.

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