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Red Dead Online players earn bonuses in role-specific Free Roam Events this week

Red Dead Online players can earn XP bonuses this week along with special boosts in role-specific Free Roman Events.

Those on the Bounty Hunting, Trading, and Collecting train in Red Dead Online this week will receive 25% Character XP and Role XP boosts playing role-specific Free Roam Events.

These Free Roam Events are only available to players who have reached the required rank four in the associated role, and include Day of Reckoning, Manhunt, Trade Route, Condor Egg, and Salvage.

Also this week, 2,000 bonus role XP will be doled out to those returning a Legendary Bounty, completing the Gold Panners Dream weekly collection, or succeeding in a Trader Sell Mission. If you are working on your distilling skills, completing the Moonshiners Story Mission will net you 2,000 Moonshiner XP.

Rockstar will award each 2,000 Role XP bonus in two installments via the Offers and Rewards section inside the game's pause menu.

This week's competitive mode is Last Stand, which is part of the Free Aim series and will be playable through January 20.

For those looking for a deal, this week you can take 30% off the price of any Rifle available from Gunsmiths or through the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. PlayStation Plus members will receive a free colorway of the Leavitt Jacket for their trouble this week.

You can also take advantage of a five Gold Bar discount on the Butcher Table, Bounty Hunter License, and Collector's Bag.

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