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Earn up to four gold bars a day by completing Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online

Cowpokes can earn double gold on Daily Challenges this week in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online players this week who take on Daily Challenges can earn double the gold. Play daily, because if you complete all seven challenges, that nets you four gold bars per day for 28 total. Not a bad payout at all.

If you complete 10 Daily Challenges over the next seven days, you will be handed 30x Explosive Repeater Ammo and 10x Poison Throwing Knives. Pretty nice incentive, as all will come in pretty handy at some point.

Should Showdown Modes be your thing, all are awarding 40% XP now through September 2.

Red Dead Online

Some interesting new duds are available in the catalog this week. If you missed out on the Gator Hat and snake hide Woodland Gloves last time, they are back for a limited time. The Ortega Vest and Tied Pants are also back in stock along with the Calhoun Boots and Vaquero Baroque Spurs.

Even better, all outfits have had the rank requirement dropped to Rank 10 and are 25% off this week. Go buy some clothes. Yours are probably getting a bit shoddy. The west is a rugged place after all.

Finally, if you are in need of  Tonics & Provisions, all are 35% off. Emotes Action and Greet are 30% off, and Ability Card Upgrades are 25% through September 2.

Saddle up.


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