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Red Dead Online beta gets Fool's Gold free roam event, Evans Repeater

Red Dead Online has received a batch of fresh content today on PS4, and Xbox One.

Rockstar continues to flesh out the content offering in the Red Dead Online beta. It was just last week that the beta's first major patch was released, with hundreds of fixes, new game modes, weapons and more.

Today, players can look forward to Fool's Gold, the latest addition to the free roam events roster. Fool's Gold is a PvP competitive mode where you'll be fighting over the Golden Armor. If you find it, you'll earn points by killing others while wearing it. If the carrier dies, the armour is once again up for grabs.

The mode is available for solo players, as well as posses. Just click the invite when you see the alert in free roam. Fool's Gold joins Cold Dead Hands, Dispatch Rider, King of the Castle, Master Archer, and Competitive Challenges in Red Dead Online beta's free roam playlist.

The beta also received a new weapon today: the Evans Repeater, which returns from the original game. The Evans Repeater is a rifle designed for medium-to-long-range engagements, boasting a high rate of fire, and a high bullet capacity. It's available at any gunsmith, or through the Rawson, Wheeler & Co catalogue.

Like other weapons, you'll be able to personalise the Evans Repeater with different sights, stocks, and wraps.

Rockstar also has a special reward for players who jump in all week. A special care package will be immediately available at your camp's lockbox or any post office that includes the many items below:

  • 60x High Velocity Pistol Ammo
  • 60x High Velocity Repeater Ammo
  • 2x Fire Bottles
  • 8x Fire Arrows
  • 2x Jolly Jack’s
  • 2x Potent Horse Medicine
  • 1x Lake Lure

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