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Ubisoft is taking a stand against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS and DoS attackers

Following the release of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise, Ubisoft has noticed an uptick in DDoS and DoS attacks against the servers.

According to Ubisoft, it has identified the worst offenders since Operation Ember Rise was released, and plans to permanently ban the culprits from playing Rainbow Six Siege.

The bans for perpetuating DDoS and DoS attacks will apply to both PC and console and will be issued starting next week (thanks, Blue).

By the end of this week, it will also reduce the number of matches per server. Currently three matches are hosted per server, but this will be dropped to a single match per server. Ubisoft said this because when a server crashes, or when a attack occurs, it impacts three matches and takes them offline. Once matches are split, it expects a 66% reduction in the impact caused by DDoS and DoS attacks.

Also by the end of the week,  it will remove the escalating abandon sanction. Ubisoft said innocent players are being affected by its implementation due to the attacks and soft booting . The company said disabling the feature should reduce the "longer term impact felt by legitimate players."

To continue to combat the attacks, in early October, the Rainbow Six Siege team will make adjustments to how it manages and monitors network data along with how it accepts packets sent to the servers. While Ubisoft wouldn't go into detail on the topic, it hopes the adjustments will have a "substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing."

The company said it is also taking legal action against the worst offenders. It is currently issuing cease and desists to websites and people hosting DDoS services. It is also working with the Microsoft Azure team to develop both short and long term solutions to the situation.

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