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Rainbow Six: Patriots domain registrations unearthed, XWM reveal rumored for next issue

Domain registrations filed by Ubisoft around the same time as Ubisoft Assassin's Creed: Recollection, suggest that the next Rainbow Six game could finally have a title, and rumors over on NeoGAF state the game is set for a reveal in the next issue of Xbox World Magazine.

According to Fusible (via Eurogamer), the following domain registrations for Rainbow Six: Patriots where filed on October 27: and

A member of NeoGAF also said a contact told them that "the next Rainbow Six will be announced in Xbox World Magazine in the upcoming month," and is in possession of "assets, logos, arts, the covers and rendered game screens," from a "buddy that I know in marketing."

"I will not [be showing] anything for the moment as I will let the mag do his work, but what I can tell is that the logo is 6 with the pistol that replace the bottom circle," said BLITZ.

"The arts backgrounds are with the New York in fire and the renders characters are very similiar to Homefront, yet the clothes are still based with police Rainbow Six gears. What I understood, the plot will go between a large group of revolutionary terrorists and of course the police. “

Back in June, a Kotaku report stated that the next Rainbow Six would provide players with morality choices, and contain a more story-driven experience than previous entries in the series. The focus in the game would center on a terrorist organization operating within the United States which is run by citizens fed up with a corrupt Wall Street and government, who decide to take out their frustrations on New York City.

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