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Quick Quotes: Notch's opinions on piracy

"Piracy is not a solution to anything," says Minecraft creator Notch. The Swedish developer has never really hidden his views on piracy. Summarised, the Minecraft creator considers software theft a "minor offense" overall, something on par with jaywalking or littering.

It's not really surprising then, that when a fan commented that he loved the game but couldn't afford a copy for himself, the creator suggested that he "just pirate it". Almost as an afterthought, "don't forget to feel bad."

Twitter, predictably, exploded. Marcus, predictably, shrugged: "These have been my views on piracy FOREVER," he says, observing that "There are enough honest people out there who can afford the game. I'll just focus on them."

(Awesome Minecraft pirate ship image found via Minecraft Gallery)

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