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PUBG is looking for player feedback for its upcoming competitive mode

PUBG's competitive mode is still underway, but before it arrives there's still an entire ruleset to figure out.

Cue the players.

The game's developer is asking players to test out a new Ranked Ruleset through the PUBG Labs feature - which was introduced not too long ago to test out different potential experimental features and changes.

This particular Ranked Ruleset is a mix between the casual and esports experience, introducing various changes to existing systems of loot spawning as well as how the Blue Zone works, PUBG Corp. says. It is now available in both first-person and third-person mode.

You can try out the new ranked ruleset right now, which is currently live in PUB Labs until March 9, after which feedback and player data will be used to help - in the words of PUBG Corporation - "amplify that competitive spirit".

"[L]ike our previous skill-based rating test, we’re looking to PUBG LABS to gather your feedback as quickly and efficiently as possible," reads a post from the team on the first iteration of ranked ruleset.

"During this LABS test, we’ll be analyzing the data and your feedback to better understand what our players are enjoying and will adjust the ruleset accordingly before we take it live."

"Feedback from this test will help us determine if it is right for our upcoming Competitive Mode or whether we need to make some adjustments," the team concluded, "so be sure to share your thoughts on what you do and do not like. While we're not quite ready to dive into the specifics of the upcoming Competitive Mode, keep an eye out for another announcement with more details in the coming months."

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