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PUBG Corp. announces profit-sharing program for esports leagues

A profit-sharing program has been announced for the National PUBG League and PUBG European League.

Professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds esports teams will soon benefit from a profit-sharing incentive, PUBG Corp. has announced.

According to the company announcement, it will share 25% of profits from the sale of team and league-branded in game items. It will also help offset operation costs and event sponsorship for both the National PUBG League and PUBG European League.

Even more, the company will double the amount of each tournament prize pool offered.

“We are nothing without our teams and players, so it’s critical that we develop these programs to support our competitive scene and help teams build their brands," said company marketing officer Richard Kwon in a statement.

“In addition to building a popular esport that caters to our fanbase for years to come, we want to create a financially viable environment for players to sustain themselves and profit from their hard work."

More information on the prize pool scheme and profit-sharing opportunities will be provided at a later date.

PUBG's Brendan Greene said last year there were plans in place to support eSport organisations and players with a good foundation. This sounds like a good start.

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