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6 PS4 games we expect to see on PS5

The PS4 era has produced some stone-cold classic games, but as with every console generation the time is soon coming when we'll have to shed a tear and lay the console to rest. But this time, we might not have to leave so many games behind.

It’s therapeutic to think back to those halcyon days when every single PS1 disk worked like a charm in your shiny new PS2. Things were simpler back then, I suppose: no big patches or downloads. If a disc or cartridge didn't work you'd just blow on it or rub it on your t-shirt to get it going again. Once we got past the initial PS3 models, backwards compatibility seemed all but lost - but a lot has changed over the course of this generation, and it seems now that quite a few games will make the leap to the next generation with us.

We now live in the age of the remaster and remake, with developers regularly taking matters into their own hands to breathe new life into old games, even adding new features in some cases. There were a smattering of cross-generation and enhanced ports to PS4 early in its life - and it seems fairly likely that's going to happen again. In this video, we look at six PS4 games we think will also land on PS5, one way or the other:

Despite initially shutting fans down and being against bringing back any form of backwards compatibility in the PS4 era, Sony thankfully appears to be changing its tune somewhat. The yearning for nostalgia is currently well catered for via PS Now, which is all things considered a decent optional deal if you ever need to give someone a history lesson or feel like catching up on some older classics. While reports tell us that the PS5 will more fully support PS4 backwards compatibility, we don't yet know what this will actually mean for players in action.

Will the age of remasters continue into the next generation, or will it be driven by backwards compatible patching to add enhanced features? Or will straight-up remakes be the new popular choice? We won't have too much longer to wait to find out...

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