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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon's story isn't a sequel and doubles current story volume

The latest issue of Famitsu has provided some new and interesting information pertaining to the story in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon studio Game Freak clarified the story in the Ultra versions isn’t a sequel, but does diverge a little from the current Sun and Moon release.

As previously reported, the story in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon centers around the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala, along with Necrozma and secrets regarding the creature as the main subject. Other information on the Alola region not divulged in the previous story will also be revealed.

Players will see the story told from different perspective in each version of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Ultra Recon Squad members Dulse and Zossie will play a cetral role in Ultra Sun and Soliera and Phyco in Ultra Moon, each bringing along the Ultra Beast UB Adhesive.

When characters from the Ultra Recon Squad appear at the beginning of Ultra Sun and Moon, the story takes a turn. The Ultra Recon Squad originates from a world that exists beyond an Ultra Wormhole.

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Players take a trip through these wormholes to other worlds using Ultra Warp Ride. One such world features Legendary Pokemon which can be caught, Mewtwo being one example.

According to Game Freak (thanks, Siliconera), when it comes to story volume, Ultra Sun and Moon is twice the size of Sun and Moon.

A look at the storyline is included in the video above - it's the English version of the trailer posted a couple of weeks ago.

An extra episode will also be included after the player enters the Hall of Fame. The studio said when compared with Platinum Diamond and Pearl, players can expect a "more ultra huge change coming."

Pokemon in general will also be much easier to collect and train compared to the current Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will release on 3DS November 17 and a special Dual Edition will also be available.

More than 400 creatures will be discoverable, many of which were not available in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and new gameplay features such as Mantine Surf will allow players to surf as a sport.

They can also use this gameplay mechanic to travel between the islands of Alola.

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