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Pokémon Snap comes to Wii U Virtual Console this week

The N64 classic is coming to European Wii U Virtual Console in a few short days.

Pokémon Snap mania passed me by the first time around, and if you were too busy being a baby or for some reason it just passed you by, this is your chance to finally see what all of the fuss was about.

The on-rails gameplay was combined with first-person shooting, but you were wielding a camera not a gun, because in what kind of sick universe is it okay to go around sniping pokémon?

It's likely that the resurgence of mainstream interest in the franchise thanks to Pokémon Go prompted the move - after all, it's the closest thing to a Pokémon Snap sequel we've seen, and the reception to it has been off the charts.

You can download the game on Thursday August 18, but there's no news on pricing yet.

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