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Peacemaker season 2 is getting a new opening dance number, but we're worried the first one was just too good

I've learned to never bet against James Gunn though.

Peacemaker season 1 opening dance
Image credit: Max

Peacemaker season one was fantastic on all fronts, but its opening dance number, set to Wig Wam's 'Do Ya Wanna Taste It' (2010), was a memorable highlight. Now, we've learned that season 2 will feature a new one.

On top of shepherding and overseeing the entirety of DC's renewed big-screen and TV efforts, James Gunn is actively working (as writer-director) on the new Superman movie, the Creature Commandos animated series, and even season two of Peacemaker, which somehow will bring the titular character and all his partners into the rebooted DCU continuity.

Plot details for Peacemaker season two are being kept under wraps for now, though we know most of the main cast from season one is returning, yet Alan Tudyk, who helped craft the iconic opening dance number that everyone with a soul loved, has confirmed (via Collider) the new set of episodes will start with an all-new musical bit.

For those unaware of the fun fact: Tudyk's wife, Charissa Barton, handled the choreography for the series, and then Tudyk himself was the stand-in during the early pandemic for star John Cena as the dance was still being figured out. "So I was in all of her— she would send the dance to him, and I was always in it. It was so cool," he explained before adding he's "terrible at dancing." Given the awkward nature of the dance number (which makes the whole thing), he probably wouldn't have stood out like a sore thumb had he appeared in the final thing.

Season two of the show is now filming, so obviously, the question of whether they'd been working on a new dance number came up during the interview. Tudyk could only confirm it's happening: "We haven't done it yet. It's being crafted now." However, he also added that he's been reading the scripts and loves them: "I just started reading the episodes, which is why I started talking about it. Oh my God, it’s so good." We're definitely hoping for the best with this one.

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