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James Gunn might be scrapping most of the DCU, but he's making sure his Peacemaker show stays canon

Alright for some!

The next iteration of the DC film universe is underway, and while most projects are staying behind, co-head of DC Studios James Gunn is making sure his Peacemaker show survives the jump.

Look, we all know for the most part the DCU is a bit pants. There's touches of good stuff here and there, but for the most part it was a confused mess too desperate to keep up with the behemoth that is Marvel. But you'd think that a complete reboot would mean a complete reboot, no? Well, that won't be the case, as even though Peacemaker is part of the original DCU, Gunn has some plans to bring him into the new one. When asked by a fan on Threads if Peacemaker season 2 would be different from the first season because of the reboot, Gunn coyly replied "You'll have to wait and see how that works out!"

But when another fan noted it might be confusing to have a second season set in a different universe, asking why not just make a new show, Gunn responded, "because it's my favourite thing to do, it's the biggest original Max show ever, and I have a way in. It won't be confusing." I'm sure Gunn has a good enough idea on how to go about it, but it does kind of seem like he's giving himself special treatment given he's in charge now (though I do want to make it clear, I don't exactly think any of the rest of the old DCU should continue, it really wasn't very good).

In general, it does seem like Gunn is with most other people when it comes to the old DCU, as he did recently rag on movies that just put in cameos to make comic fans point at the scream saying "that's Chappie," even though The Flash did exactly that last year. But hey, when you're head of DC Studios, I guess you can do what you want, right?

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